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Graduating high school seniors have a wide variety of education and career options. Students can enroll in programs ranging from chemistry to car repair and from engineering to photography, and with all the other career choices in between them.

Students can enroll at a private university, a public four-year college, a community college, a trade school or a specialty school such as a music school. Each type of school has its benefits and disadvantages, which every prospective student should consider before they enroll.

Tennessee students also have the option of taking courses online. Most colleges are offering some of their classes online, and some schools are completely virtual -- all of their courses and degree programs are delivered online. Maybe online education would be a good fit for you?

A percentage of new students want to attend college away from home. For these students, deciding upon which university to apply to will depend upon the college's cost, degree programs offered, reputation, and more. While most local students stay either in Tennessee or somewhere else in the Southeast, some students venture further away to colleges in states such as Washington or Nevada.

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