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Most high school seniors enroll at a private or public four-year college and start working on earning their bachelor's degree. In some career fields, a bachelor's degree is just the first degree necessary, but for most fields, this undergraduate degree is all that is required to get started. Get started with earning your undergraduate degree.

The field of business is still one of the most requested college majors. Students are still enrolling at business schools in large numbers.

A graduate from a top business school will enjoy a good job market, with plenty of interest from employers and no ceiling to their career advancement. Most business schools do a nice job of preparing their students for internship programs with local or regional employers.

Business schools will have several different majors in the field of business. They will have finance and accounting on the "numbers" side of business; They will offer marketing and sales on the "creative" side; and they will have management and administration on the "managing" side. Students who do well with team-building, leading and directing will often gravitate to the management area of business. Learn more about management and administration programs.

Another field that is popular right now is criminal justice. Criminal justice programs can vary widely from school to school. Some school's criminal justice programs are broad education degrees that give students a general education background that they draw upon later. These degrees can help graduates apply for jobs in national law enforcement and security agencies. Other schools have criminal justice programs that are narrow in scope, such as giving students just the training they need to be accepted at the local police department or private security firm. Learn more about criminal justice degree programs in Tennessee.

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