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Here are four more top college majors you can find at some Tennessee colleges and schools.

Computer Science
Computer science is arguably the most difficult major in the information technology or computing arena. Computer science programs are generally filled with smart, academic-oriented young men and women. If you don't like to study and apply yourself -- choose a different major. The pay off comes after graduation and in the job market.

Business Management
Business administration and management degrees help prepare graduates to effectively manage and lead employees and other co-workers. Management degree holders can find themselves in a variety of business or organizations upon graduation. Learn more now

Graphic Design
The field of graphic arts is generally stocked with creative people who don't aspire to have their own show at an art gallery. Graphic design graduates are hired by design firms, advertising firms and large companies that have their own design department. Find out more

There are a lot of things to like about accounting. The career path is clear, the content you need to know to succeed is well documented, and if you like numbers and working with defined methods, this is a solid, steady career to get into. Learn more now

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